What we Specialize in

The industries that we specialize in:


1) Real Estate- Through the use of our technology we can cut closing time and costs substantially. Blockchain not only allows for total transparency but it also allows for the elimination of extended lawyer review which cuts down on billable hours. It helps with expediting the mortgage process allowing access to current and verified documents to be passed on to your lender for a faster approval time. It also allows for a smooth transaction for closing documents.


2) Trade Finance- Some of the biggest issues facing this industry are fraudulent documents. With our chain, you can rest assured that the document you add is encrypted, secured and only transferable with your approval thus eliminating the risk and liability that can occur.


3) Supply Chain Management - Contracts, vendor supply documents and transactions are often redefined and rewritten given the need that is being filled by the supplier. With our system, we can ensure that the most relevant, recent documents are accessed only.


4) Healthcare -Gain patient data by providing a secure unified database for information exchange between healthcare providers. Get information faster to treat your patients with a 360 view. FemTech Solutions will assist with Service Delivery, medical supplies, clinical trials, Health outcomes and insurance billing.

Plans we offer

Our plans are customized to fit our client need and the industry they work in. If you are interested in a demo, contact us to learn more!

Chicago, IL

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