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It comes down to technology

These are scary times, there's no way around it. Companies all over the country are relying on technology to see them through these days. Many companies were not prepared for this and therefore are taking larger hits. Larger companies that have an extensive IT network have been testing their working from home strategy for the last few weeks in preparation of this inevitable lock-down.

Many feel desperate, lost, hopeless and without a real way to see through the uncertainty.....enter blockchain.

We, at FemTech Solutions, have seen a larger growing interest in what blockchain can offer. What does this mean to businesses now? It means that there is a very large, very real, opportunity for you to find a way to streamline your business without concern by utilizing this technology. It means that there are ways to prevent any slowdown for your revenue streams.

Blockchain is a merely a tool. That's all it is, and all it needs to be. The usage is transparent and simple. It's not the answer to everything in the world, but it is the answer to a business that needs security and ease of transactions. So why haven't more companies adopted it?

Like any new technology, there is a learning curve. People are generally afraid of what they don't understand. Blockchain is not widely known or commonly understood. Therefore, people are reluctant to invest. This was the same case for the internet, for airlines, for television. It's just an adaptation time that is needed. So while we are all on lock-down, take time to learn about what tools are available to you and what feels right for your business. What you don't know and what can help you soar during this time will surprise you.

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